The Strawberry Laser Equipment Warranty

Our Strawberry Laser equipment comes with a full one year warranty. Please contact us for any warranty questions, as we are Authorized Dealers for the Strawberry Laser Inch Loss and Strawberry & Cream Laser Equipment.

Technical and system support:

All new systems are supplied as standard with a one year return to manufacturer warranty. Following ‘Best Practice’ protocols, your system should be serviced once or twice a year. This will depend upon the level of usage. The reason for this is to ensure that all of the output levels from the laser diodes are at their optimum. All forms of light output, even a light bulb, will reduce over time. When the diodes are supplied as new they are set to approximately 50% of their capability. It is therefore recommended that the output levels are checked, only by a qualified and certified by the manufacturer engineer, a minimum of one each year. Specialist equipment is required to undertake this task.

The Strawberry has no moving parts, fans or filters to be checked, serviced or adjusted. This ensures that service times and costs are kept to a minimum.

Extended Warranty – $2999