The world's most dramatic inch loss device.

Lose 2 sizes in 1 month with skin tightening and lifting.

This ground-breaking treatment offers non-invasive, instant inch loss results without pain or downtime. No swelling, no bruising.

Whether you spend hours in the gym or follow the strictest of diets, many people suffer from fat pockets that exercise and calorie control simply cannot shift. Similarly, as we age our metabolism begins to slow and these problematic fat pockets can begin to develop.

Thanks to our inch loss application, in just 8 treatments this could be a thing of the past.

Targeted areas:

  • Knee Fat
  • Inner Thighs
  • Outer Thighs
  • Buttock Lift
  • Pubic Mound
  • Abdomen
  • Bra Fat
  • Male Chest
  • Arms
  • Mother's Apron
  • Male Chest
  • Love Handles
  • Back Fat
  • Bra Line Fat
  • Elbow Fat


Video provided by one of our most successful clinics!


See the incredible results for yourself

  • Inch Loss Body Treatment Results
  • Abdominal Lift 1 Treatment
  • After 1 Month Inch Loss Treatments
  • After 8 Body Treatments – Strawberry Laser Lipo
  • After 8 Treatments - Strawberry Laser Lipo
  • 72 years old after 8 treatments. size 18 to a 12 and has kept it off for 8 years
  • After Only 4 Treatments - Strawberry Laser Lipo
  • Strawberry Inch Loss Before After Photo


  • Craig Johnson
    I have always struggled with ‘moobs’ but decided now is the time to do something about it! I am so amazed at the results and seeing how much better I look has given me the confidence to re-join the gym. It is great to finally feel good about myself again.
    Craig Johnson
  • Eleanor Sharp
    Strawberry Laser Lipo, the best non surgical treatment there is! After just five sessions I’ve lost 5 inches of baby bulge off my stomach and ‘love handles’. The results are far better than I could have imagined and I am slowly getting my confidence back!
    Eleanor Sharp
  • Lindsey Burton
    I had issues with my body, mainly my tummy which no amount of diet, crunches or ‘hold it all in pants’ solved. My results are staggering! I’m more toned, less squidgy and amazingly lost 5 inches in the process. My little black dress looks great, with no big pants in sight!
    Lindsey Burton
  • Ahmed Ali
    I started my course of treatments before my sister’s wedding as my suit felt far too tight! I was so shocked that the treatments were very relaxing. I had all of the information I needed to ensure my results were fantastic and I am amazed! I no longer need to worry about my suit!
    Ahmed Ali
  • Robert Simpson
    I over-indulged during the Christmas season and needed a way to help get me motivated to lose the fat. Seeing the instant results definitely got me moving, 100% worth it.
    Robert Simpson
  • Zoe Adams
    I was a month away from my final wedding dress fitting and I had my stubborn baby tummy which just would not budge. After 8 very comfortable and pain free treatments, I have so much more confidence. I cannot wait to walk down the aisle in my dream wedding dress now!
    Zoe Adams
  • John Hartman
    I actually dozed off during the procedure, which was absolutely painless! Went right back to my next activity with no pain or discomfort.
    John Hartman
  • Mary Stanford
    My upper arms were so flabby. Since having my Strawberry treatments, I have already lost inches off my arms and my skin is a lot firmer. I am so amazed that I cannot wait to have more treatments in other areas in the near future.
    Mary Stanford
  • Susan Lowe
    I can tell a huge, distinguishable difference in my stomach. My tummy has been significantly trimmed down and it seems like I am about to have the stomach and mid-section that I’ve always been seeking for, with little previous success.
    Susan Lowe
  • Elizabeth Gibson
    I have noticed a difference in my silhouette, it’s more defined, my skin is also very smooth and my body is more toned; the fat is literally melting away. The feeling of being a 40 year old mother of 2 who is having time literally rubbed away is so amazing.
    Elizabeth Gibson
  • Lisa Treleven
    Even my kids noticed a difference in my body shape, they said I looked slimmer around my waist. I have been gloating to my friends at work of the difference a few sessions has made to my body. I cannot wait to buy a well needed new wardrobe.
    Lisa Treleven
  • Maxine Hamilton
    I cannot tell you how happy I am with the results so far! I noticed when I was at Zumba last night that my top is now lose around my waist. I have been doing Zumba for over 6 months and have never seen results like this.
    Maxine Hamilton
  • Samantha Wright
    Having two children so close together completely changed my body shape and I was very unhappy with how I looked. I found the Strawberry Laser Lipo and at first was very sceptical. I had an intensive course of treatments and could not believe the difference it made to me and my relationship.
    Samantha Wright


Strawberry Inch Loss is suitable for all skin types.
In what circumstances is treatment not allowed?
  • Currently being treated with cancer (need to be in remission for 1 yr)
  • Pacemaker/defibrillator
  • Pregnant or breastfeeding
  • Not cleared for exercise by your physician for any reason
*All sizes welcome, every "body" is treatable
When will I see results?
  • Dramatic inch loss is noticeable after first treatment
  • Skin tightening and lifting is also noticeable after treatment
  • Strawberry Laser has been clinically proven to help the average person lose 2 sizes in 1 month
How many treatments will I need?
  • Most people select a course of 8 treatments based on the clinical studies
  • A course of 16 treatments is also available depending on how much you want to lose
  • Some clinics offer a year long membership
  • Speak with your clinician to find the best treatment protocol for you
Can I have more than one area treated at one time?
  • It is best to complete a course of 8 treatments in 1 area. However, if you reach your goal before completing the course, we can easily move to another area
  • Treating the abdomen helps people to lose fat all over
  • When treating extremities, people tend to lose fat just in the extremity being treated
How long will my results last?
  • The results are permanent! Maintaining a consistent, acceptable caloric intake will help ensure this
  • Some clients use the Strawberry Laser as a maintenance program for a healthy lifestyle
Does the treatment hurt?
  • There is no pain, no discomfort, no swelling and no bruising
  • It is common for you to feel a slight comfortable warmth in the treated area, which is known to make some clients fall asleep during treatment
How can I monitor my results?
Simply request to see your photographs.
How does it compare with Coolsculpting, Cryo, SculpSure, LED and Liposuction?
Comparison Chart for Fat Reduction Treatments