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We are the only Authorized Strawberry Laser Consultants in the United States that were instrumental in getting the equipment FDA cleared! We coined “the lift” and the secrets to our success will be instrumental in your profit margins. We own and operate 6 of our own locations. Learn from experts with experience! Your success is our success! 

        Published in space coast living magazine 2017

Julie LaLonde and Brenda Sanchez are co-founders of Strawberry Laser Global, Strawberry laser USA, and 321fatloss. They have taken inch loss to a new level in the USA. Their non-invasive and pain free devices like the FDA cleared Strawberry Laser Lipo, and the Buttocks Lifting Vacuum therapy are providing men and women of all shapes and sizes new found confidence as their bodies transform into the figures they’ve always dreamed of. They are thrilled to offer spot body fat reduction and skin tightening.

LaLonde graduated with her BSN and quickly became involved with launching new medical technology. Julie is a pioneer in fat loss lasers and her passion is introducing the hottest and most cutting edge lasers and medical devices to the market. LaLonde had a negative personal experience with traditional liposuction that catapulted her involvement with discovering a new and better way to achieve inch loss. LaLonde’s passion to bring awareness to America captivated Hollywood and allowed her to be instrumental in showcasing on many national televised shows, such as Rachael Ray, The doctors and Married to medicine. 

Sanchez is a retired golf professional and bikini model. Unfortunately, at the age of 40, she suffered a traumatic shoulder injury which required surgery. During her recovery, most of which was sedentary, she gained weight. The more weight she gained, the more hopeless she felt. LaLonde introduced her to the Strawberry Laser Lipo and the whole body vibration plate. Her first month using the laser and working out on the vibration plate, she dropped two sizes. Thrilled with the results and fascinated by the science supporting it, the partnership with LaLonde to open up 321FatLoss was a no brainer, allowing them to perfect the business aspect of opening locations. They opened 6 locations in just 5 months. Together they are women helping women with a turn key business opportunity.